with touchscreen

Form factor


Storage expansion


More protection

Fingerprint sensor





Technical details

Operating system
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Office 365 Personal (one-year-license)¹
  • 10-point capacitive multi-touch Full-HD-IPS-display
  • 1920 x 1080 pixel
  • 29.5 cm (11.6")
  • Intel® Celeron® N3350 processor
    (up to 2.4 GHz, 2 MB Intel® Smart-Cache) dual core

Graphic Unit
  • Intel® HD Graphics 500
  • 4 GB (DDR3)
Internal storage
  • 32 GB²
  • M.2 SSD extension
  • USB-Type-C™ 3.1 Gen 1 (Power Delivery and DisplayPort)
  • 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1
  • Micro-HDMI®
  • memory card reader
  • audio out/mic in (3.5 mm)
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth® 4.2
  • approx. 280 mm x 190 mm x 15 mm
  • approx. 1160 g
Housing material
  • aluminium
  • plastic
¹ Office 365 Personal für 12 Monate inklusive. Software ist bereits vorinstalliert. Die Office-Aktivierung ist innerhalb von 6 Monaten nach Aktivierung von Windows möglich. Nach Ablauf muss die Lizenz kostenpflichtig erneuert werden. ² 1 GB = 1 000 000 000 Byte.

Modern and conveniant
- the Primebook C11B.

Designed for mobility

The clever designed Primebook C11B does not only fit into your backpack or purse but also provides you with enough battery life to last the day – ideal for when you have to use it on the road.

Make your choice

The Primebook C11B was designed with your individual needs in focus, leading to a wide variety in configurations. Choose between three colors, two processors, two storage capacities and two different operating systems.

Work anywhere, courtesy of Office 365 Personal.

Ideal for school, university and work

Look & Feel

Due to its 2in1 capability, the Primebook C11B can either be used as a notebook or comfortably we transformed into a tablet. Content not only looks brilliant with its 11.6” Full-HD IPS touchscreen but also allows you to interact with the device in new ways, creating new possibilities. On your lap in the bus, on the table in your apartment or in a packed lecture hall, the Primebook C11B always looks right at home.

Security everywhere, always

Biometric fingerprint sensor

The Primebook C11B combines modern comfort with highest security standards with its integrated biometric fingerprint reader. Simply touch it with your finger to unlock your device. No delay, no unnecessary passwords. Just a simple gesture with your finger.

Accomodate more speed

SSD storage expansion

The Primebook C11B is fitted with a M.2 expansion slot, allowing you to add an additional M.2 SSD module whenever you want and therefore expand your storage capacity. This will also further increase the speed of your device. No, you can’t? Yes, we can! If you tried it once, you will never want to go back.

Pocket size for young and old


With dimensions of just 280 mm x 190 mm x 15 mm and a weight below 1160 g, the Primebook C11B happily invites you to carry it along to university or the office. The rounded edges make it look even sleeker than it already is and provide a comfortable grip while holding the device.

Your choice of Windows

Operating system

Would you prefer regular Windows 10 Home with its compatibility to most software? Or would you rather have Windows 10 Home in S Mode preinstalled, making use of its out-of-the-box advantages when it coms to security, speed and battery usage while still being able to upgrade to Windows 10 Home is so desired – no strings attached? Make your choice, the Primebook C11B offers both options.

Pure flexibility

What does not fit is made to fit


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Language: English

Quick Guide

Geeignet für: Primebook C11B
Version: V2-10
Date: 2018-01-19
File type: PDF
Language: Deutsch, English, Nederlands, Italiano, Español, Français

Operating instructions

Geeignet für: Primebook C11B
Version: V1-20
Date: 2020-03-17
File type: PDF
Language: Deutsch, English, Italiano, Español, Français, Nederlands

Driver Package

Geeignet für: Primebook C11B
Date: 2018-01-10
File type: ZIP


How do I build in my M.2 SSD module?  

In some cases, the M.2 SSD module may not fit into the slot. The solution to this is simple and complex at the same time.

A compatible M.2 SSD module has a B&M key, which means there are 6 pins on one side (B key) and 5 pins on the other side (M key). First, identify the position of the bar in the mounting base. Often the B key with the 6 pins is on the left side while the M key with the 5 pins is located on the right side – but in some cases the opposite can occur.

B&M key picture example

Attention: Please note that under certain circumstances, the expansion slot in the device can only be recognized by an oblique view in the housing due to its design.

Now try to insert the M.2 SSD module with the B key located on the left side. But be careful: Apply only light pressure here. If the connection does not work then you should not increase the pressure, as this could damage the module or the socket.

If the connection between the module and the slot does not work, this is often a sign that you should turn the M.2 SSD module (= B key with the 6 pins now on the right, M key with 5 pins on the left). Try again to connect the module to the slot.

Sometimes it may be necessary to insert the SSD not slightly obliquely into the socket, but first lay it flat in the mounting slot, then align it horizontally and gently push it towards the socket until the SSD slides into the socket.

Take a closer look to see if the SSD is in and not above or below the socket. When properly inserted, the semicircular notch on the other end of the SSD curses with the bushing for the mounting screw.

Please note: M.2 SSD modules from TREKSTOR are always compatible with TREKSTOR hardware. M.2 SSD modules from other manufacturers should also be compatible in most cases. If the insertion of such an SSD module does not work during the first try, this does not necessarily mean that there is an error here.

What do I do if the LTE module on my PRIMEBOOK C11B disappears from the display?  

If the LTE module on your PRIMEBOOK C11B disappears from the display, please perform a hard reset. This is done by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds.
Any files that have not been saved will be lost when the device is reset.

What do I do if an application prevents the shutdown of my PRIMEBOOK C11B during the Fall Update?  

With the Windows 10 Update to the Fall Update, it can happen that an application does not shut down properly when shutting down. The shutdown process on your PRIMEBOOK C11B must be manually confirmed by the user.


Click on the left button.


This problem can basically be solved by a driver update. Download the driver and start the executable file (.bat) after successful download.

You can find the driver under the following link on the product detail page below in the "DOWNLOADS" section: http://www.trekstor.de/products/2in1/detail-2in1/product/primebook-C13-lte.html


When I try to start a video recording on my PRIMEBOOK C11B, an error message is displayed and recording does not start. What can I do?  

Please first run all available updates on your PRIMEBOOK C11B. If the error persists despite updates, pleaste contact our customer service: service@trekstor.de

Why can I not turn my PRIMEBOOK C11B on?  

The HOLD function is activated.
Check if the key lock (HOLD switch/HOLD function) on the PRIMEBOOK C11B is activated. If yes, deactivate the key lock as described in the operating instructions.

No power
With an MP3 player that has an integrated battery:
When the battery is dead, charge your MP3 player either with a USB cable connected to your PC, or with a USB charger.

External effects
External effects (such as an electrostatic discharge) can cause your PRIMEBOOK C11B to malfunction. If the malfunction continues after you turn your MP3 player off and on, reset the player or update the firmware (the software of the MP3 player). You can find the procedure for this in the operating instructions. The current firmware for your MP3 player is on our website under "Downloads". If you have any questions concerning the firmware update that were not answered in the instructions, please contact our support team.

What can I do if the internal memory of my PRIMEBOOK C11B is full or almost full?  

To relieve the internal memory of your PRIMEBOOK C11B and free up memory space, you can save media files stored on the device (eg pictures, videos or text files) to an external data carrier (eg a USB memory drive or a suitable Memory card) or delete apps that are no longer needed.


What do I have to do on my PRIMEBOOK C11B to activate the Office 365 Personal 1-year subscription?  

The activation process of Office 365 Personal on your PRIMEBOOK C11B is fairly easy:

  • After booting up the computer, start one of the pre-installed office apps (Word, Excel etc.)
  • A message appears. Select the Activate option right there. But be careful: Office activation must occur within 6 months of the date of Windows activation.
  • Select your Microsoft account or create a new account if you do not have one.
  • Follow the prompts to select your language and accept the license agreement.

How can I switch out of Windows 10 Home in S mode?  

Turning off the S mode is a one-time process. If you make the switch, you will not be able to return to S mode from Windows 10 Home.

a) Open the Microsoft Store.
b) Enter "Switch out of S Mode" in the search bar.
c) A window will appear "Switch out s mode".
d) Click on "More information".
e) Click on "Install".
f) If necessary, log in with your Microsoft account.
g) Confirm that you have saved all your files.
h) Done!

If you have not saved your files, they can be lost.

How can I perform Windows updates on my PRIMEBOOK C11B?  

With enabled internet connection your PRIMEBOOK C11B checks the availability of new updates daily and displays a message in the Info Center when new updates are available. To keep your device always up to date, it is extremly important to regularly connect the device to the internet. If you've select "Express Settings" in the startup wizard, the first time you've switched it on, the PRIMEBOOK C11B automatically executes available updates at shutdown (download and installation). You can change this setting. To do this, enter the settings and choose "Update and Security" -> "Windows Update" -> "Advanced Options" and select the desired installation method for updates.


Why does the PRIMEBOOK C11B battery never show a fully charged battery?  

Within a smaller number of our devices, a faulty software is responsible that only a battery level of 85 to 90 percent can be displayed on the affected devices after an extended charging cycle.

However, this is only a display error and not a hardware effect. We can fully confirm after an extensive testing that the batteries of the affected devices can be 100 percent charged - even if the display may indicate a different number.

We are currently working on a software solution to fix the display error for your PRIMEBOOK C11B in the near future.

Why is my PRIMEBOOK C11B charging slowly?  

If you have connected the PRIMEBOOK C11B for charging and set your device at high exposure at the same time (eg movie playback at 100 % display brightness while surfing, chatting or playing), the battery is charging very slow due to the stress. We recommend you therefore to load the device in the off state.

Why is no sound coming from my PRIMEBOOK C11B?  

You may have headphones connected to your PRIMEBOOK C11B. If headphones are connected the loudspeaker of the device is automatically turned off. Disconnect the headphones from the device to re-enable the speakers. If there is still no sound, check if the sound of the device is turned on and if the volume is set high enough.

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